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Cuvées spéciales

Cuvées spéciales

Cremant de Bourgogne blanc brut


Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc Brut

Variety: 90% Pinot Noir, 5% Chardonnay, 5% Aligote
Area: 1 ha, Average age of vine: 30 years

Created on a base of Pinot Noir, our crémant will be the dream companion for your big occasions and more intimate moments, between the oysters and the shortbread. Its bouquet is incisive, all ripe pineapple enhanced with anise and peach. On the palate, this is a journey from the lemon of first impression, with fine, tight bubbles coming up behind, through to the powerful and generous finish, with pings of orange.

Crémant de Bourgogne rosé


Crémant de Bourgogne Rose

"Rose de vigne"

Variety: 100% Pinot Noir Area:

0.5 ha Average age of vine: 25 years



Much more reliable than social networks for making friends, this Crémant rosé is the guarantee of innumerable moments of joy and the devoted admiration of those close to you and near neighbours alike. Had it been served at Agincourt, no doubt that the hostilities would have been quickly transformed into a hot and steamy love-in between English archers and French knights. With its bouquet of rose and raspberry, underpinned by peppery notes on twirling, its charm is already working. On the palate, an array of juicy fruits, apple, raspberry and quince to the fore, lead the lively sarabanda dance with the fines bubbles of a well-judged effervescence. The finish is persistent, with concentrated fruits and mineral after-taste.

Bourgogne Rose (Cherry tree)


Bourgogne rose "Sakura" 2012

Variety: 100% Pinot Noir Area: 0.8 ha Average age of vine: 20 years


To accommodate Asian food or spicy dishes, a classy rosé is often found to be the most pertinent choice. Our pinot noir rosé offers purity of fruit on the nose, raspberry and lemon to the fore, while spicier notes of white pepper and mint enhance the sensation. On the palate, the crisp fruit of small red berries is enrobed in a fluid and enticing structure to fix just one idea in mind: serve oneself again, as quickly as possible.

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Gamay "Pivoine"(Peony flowe)


Gamay "Pivoine" 2010

Variety: 100% Gamay Area: 0.25 ha Average age of vine: 60 years

This year, these tasting notes serve also as a death notification, 2010 being the last production vintage of Pivoine. The very old and fragile Gamay vines have in effect pushed down the yields per hectare to such an extent that we needed a microscope to appreciate their maturity. So for its last breath before night falls, Pivoine again transports us to unknown shores, where its bouquet reveals violet, apple, cherry, mint and almond. The mouth seems to murmur to us a languid « Don't leave me », with its silkiness of juicy, enticing red fruits and concentrated raspberry. A generous finale makes a last bow to the audience, applauded by slightly oak-wood tannins, before the curtain falls. Adieu to the artiste.

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Bourgone Aligote Tilleul (linden)


Bourgogne Aligote cuvee speciale « Tilleul » 2010

Variety: 100% Aligote Area: 0.35 ha
Average age of vine: 50 years


Its cuvee ”Tilleul” is exclusive to the domain, from a parcel of aligoté situated just opposite the property. This parcel receives treatment specific to it: foliage is raised to increase maturity, soils are worked by horse and ageing is for15 months in Burgundy oak barrels. For the 2010, the nose is still influenced by the signs of its ageing, but already prodigious with aromas of apple and pear, tinged with fresh nuts and saffron. On the palate, the wine surprises by its power and straightness, with its silky and persistent central thread of lemon, gooseberry and ginger. The grape variety recalls its minerality in a lively but as-ripe-as-you-like finish. ”Tilleul” surpasses itself in general with oriental cuisines, but this year you can attempt to duel with sashimis or sushis.


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