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Red wines

Santenay 1er cru « Clos Rousseau »


Santenay 1er cru « Clos Rousseau » 2011

Variety: 100% Pinot Noir Area: 1.5 ha
Average age of vine: 50 years

Vinified without sulphur, like all our reds, and patiently aged for 16 months in Burgundy oak barrels, our Premier Cru has a complex bouquet of orange blossom and elderflower, mingled with the fruit of pear, redcurrant, strawberry and blackberry. At tasting, it is already very accessible, and charms by its firm fruitiness, embedded in a fine and fluid tannic structure. This great Santenay will find its ideal partner in delicate dishes like pigeon, fresh pasta with truffles or a cassolette of woodland

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Santenay "Vieilles Vignes"


Santenay "Vieilles Vignes"2011

Variety: 100% Pinot Noir Area: 0.55 ha
Average age of vine: 45 years


The bouquet of our Santenay, aged 16 months in Burgundy oak barrels, entwines the mineral character of its terroir of origin with concentrated black fruits, cinnamon and liquorice. Its silky palate elegantly displays its red fruits, with freshness and maturity in good proportions. The finish is warm, structured by a fine thread of tannins lifted by aromas of black peppercorns and lemon zest. With good keeping potential, this archetype of the Côte de Beaune will be appreciated after decanting for an hour and with a good cut of Charolais beef or a filet mignon.

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Maranges 1 er Cru « La Croix Moines »


Maranges 1er cru
« La Croix Moines » 2011

Variety: 100% Pinot Noir Area: 0.1856 ha
Average age of vine: 25 years

For each vintage, the Domain produces just two barrels of this Maranges Premier Cru, aged 16 months in Burgundy oak barrels. In the bouquet, the toasted notes of ageing, still present, are already mingled with the spice of nutmeg and cumin… Its palate reveals all the finesse of which Côte de Beaune pinot noirs are capable, with small red fruits ripe to a T and carried by lovely vivacity. A great wine more elegant than explosive that will be unveiled after a few years of albeit sacrificial waiting, but years which will reveal all its potential.

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Maranges 1 er Cru « Les Clos Roussots »

MIC_redimensionnerMaranges 1er Cru "Les Clos Roussots" 2011

Cépage : Pinot Noir 100 %, Surface : 0.35 ha, 
Age moyen des vignes: 50 ans

Notre Premier Cru dispense en 2011 des arômes floraux et épicés, de massepain et de gingembre. La bouche est onctueuse de fruits des bois croquants et vifs, longue à souhait, et relevée en finale par des notes d’orange et de pamplemousse. Un grand Bourgogne sur l’élégance et la finesse, qui donnera sa pleine mesure, après aération, sur des cailles rôties ou une noix de veau.

Ce Premier Cru gagnera néanmoins à être conservé de 3 à 10 ans dans de bonnes conditions pour dévoiler toute son envergure.


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Maranges 1 er Cru « La fussière »


Maranges 1er cru « La Fussière » 2011

Variety: 100% Pinot Noir Area: 0.8 ha
Average age of vine: 40 years

The Premier Cru « La Fussière » comes from two parcels, one of grey marls, the other silt-limestone, in their fourth year of organic agriculture. Aged 16 months in Burgundy oak barrels, it is neither fined nor filtered before bottling.

The bouquet sets off an explosion of liquorice, aniseed, tobacco, concentrated raspberries and white pepper. The palate is imposingly straight-lined, very concentrated on dense and tannic fruit substance, punctuated by a hot and mineral finish. It is a big candidate for being forgotten in the cellar for several years, unless serving it, aerated first, with a rack of farmhouse veal chops.


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Maranges « sur le chêne » 2011

Variety: 100% Pinot Noir , Area: 3.16 ha
Average age of vine: 50 years

« Sur le Chêne » is a parcel facing south on a hillside of limestone gravel, planted with fifty year old vines. Made without sulphur to respect the expression of its terroir, our Maranges offers on the nose its usual range of red fruits, floral scents and liquorice. On the palate, it never changes direction and offers its straight line of fresh fruits, solidly constructed on a central tannic theme that is clearly present but will soften after some years in cellar. The ripe finish is enlivened by notes of citrus peel. Strongly-built for confrontations in the kitchen, this Maranges is well up to farmhouse guinea fowl or coq au vin.


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Hautes côtes de Beaune


Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune 2011

Variety: 100% Pinot Noir Area: 3.1 ha
Average age of vine: 30 years


For this 2011 vintage, our Hautes Côtes de Beaune presents a bouquet of stewed raspberries and cherries melted in discreet oakiness. On the palate, the ample and frank fruitiness of ripe, concentrated small red berries accompanies throughout the tasting. The warm finish leaves a glimpse of a structure of fine and slightly toasted tannins that foretell the potential of a few years in cellar. This great classic of Burgundy will be appreciated with beef bavette and shallots, a cep mushroom omelette or later in the meal with farmhouse Brie or Pont-l’Evêque cheeses.

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Pinot noir


Bourgogne « Pinot Noir » 2011

Variety: 100% Chardonnay Area: 1.40 ha
Average age of vine: 40 years


A veritable elixir, not of youth (although…) but of joyfulness, our Burgundy red celebrates the authentic simplicity of Burgundian fruitiness. Behind a first nose of cherry and pink bramble, the notes of orange peel, aniseed and cinnamon are waiting in ambush to get the party going. The palate is juicy and lively with concentrated small red fruits, melted into fine tannins that spice up the finish. So come on, snacks and sausages! It’s time to call your friends and bring them together around terrines and St Marcellin cheese; this pinot noir doesn’t want to wait any longer.


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